Burning Man

Burning Man is an event that really defies description. It is weeklong art festival; a gathering of adventure seekers; a participatory social experiment; an exercise in survival; an ad hoc community of 50,000 that materializes out of nothing on a playa in the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert each year around Labor Day. Vague enough for you? Anyone who has been there will tell you that you have to show up to really grasp it.

To be honest, I’ve never been too interested in grasping it. The occasional pictures that I’ve seen floating around always looked as though they were shot on the set of Mad Max. That’s not exactly a world I wanted to spend a week in. Then I came across these images shot by Trey Ratcliff. Yes, they look like they’re shot on the set of Mad Max but what a starkly beautiful set it is! I would spend a week in this world if I could bring a camera with me. Turns out Burning Man takes place less than 6 hours from my house. I just have to figure out a way to trick…err…convince Darla into going.

If you’d just like to know more about Burning Man, a first timer’s guide is available here. Trey Ratcliff’s original post is here. A bigger collection of images from Neil Girling can be found here.

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Stuck in Customs: The Li River

As I was putting together the blogroll for YOUMUSTHAVEAREALLYNICECAMERA, Trey Ratcliff’s great travel blog, Stuck in Customs, immediately came to mind.  Trey is a talented photographer and a really entertaining writer who is constantly finding himself in new and fun places.  Following is an excerpt from today’s blog post which can be found here in its entirety.

Want to hear something amazing about these fishermen? You won’t believe it… but maybe others can confirm this! The fishermen use these two trained cormorant birds that have their throats tied. The birds dive into the water, eat a fish, but then can’t swallow it because of the rope. The fisherman rudely pulls the fish from the bird’s throat and drops it into that basket behind him. The bird then goes over to a tiny keyboard and sends out the tweet, “WTF”.

I nearly spit a mouthful of Coke all over my computer screen as I reached the end of this one.